Rock 4 Change is a non-profit after-school music enrichment program that empowers students to stay in school and be their best through the learning and performance of rock 'n' roll music.

In the News

What's Cool at School

Rock 4 Change was Channel 8's winner of the What's Cool at School program read all about it here

Rock 4 Change Unplugged


The first Monday of every month Rock 4 Change is hosting "Hinton Unplugged" an acoustic open-mic event where students get to showcase their original and cover songs. Such a supportive and creative event, looking forward to many more of these.   

Rock 4 Change Named a Mondays Dark Charity for November 2019


About Us


Teaches students to play rock 'n' roll instruments like guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

Rock 4 Change teaches students to play rock 'n' roll instruments like the guitar, bass, drums and vocals. They also form bands and rehearse both cover tunes and original material tapping into their creativity and joy of music. 



We give students an opportunity to realize their potential and step out onto the stage and into the spot light. Through this process we teach students teamwork, organization, communication and responsibility.   

Soft Skills & Social and Emotional Learning


Rock 4 Change is more than rocking out, we are dedicated to the development of the whole child to include  learning soft skills such as time management, and problem-Solving. We also socio-emotional competencies such as self awarness, social awarness, self management, and responsible decision making and relationship skills.


Rock 4 Change rocked some Nirvana at the Winter 2018 Oasis Concert, they also raised money for a local charity. Giving back to the community is what Rock 4 Change is all about.  


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